Buttermilk Baby - gentle, moisturizing buttermilk bar for babies and the whole family


We all love the cuddly, soft feeling of a freshly bathed baby. Now even grown ups can enjoy clean, moisturized skin with this soap. What’s the secret? Mothers have sworn by it for years: milk. Buttermilk, to be precise. We crafted this recipe for our own little ones, so we know you'll love it. With our pure ingredients, you can feel confident your choice in skin care products are safe for even the tiniest bundle of joy. This is a modified version of our Naked Baby Recipe that we're sure you'll love just as much.

Ingredients: Oils (Olive, Calendula infused Organic Coconut, Avocado), Shea Butter, Lye, Buttermilk, Organic Whole Milk

Large bar is about 4.2oz.
Standard bar is about 3.2oz.

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Our soaps are made exclusively of all natural ingredients. We prefer to use what we produce ourselves - like our own bees' honey and wax, and homegrown herbs. Sometimes, soap that doesn’t contain additives can get soft after a number of uses. To prevent this, allow the bar to dry between uses and always use a soap saver.

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