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Our Story (how BelleNaturals came to be)

Once upon a time, two adventurous women lived across the street from each other. Each had spent her own college years studying Horticulture at Penn State. Having discovered this common ground, they invested their knowledge in creating a community garden. Eventually, their mutual appreciation for a natural and sustainable lifestyle and their growing obsession with making soap led to their partnership.

Heather is a bit of a wild card, a free spirit. Over the past several years she managed to eliminate the majority of the grass in her yard and replace it with raised beds, growing enough food and flowers to contribute to a small farmers market in town. What keeps a big garden full of produce? The pollination factor: urban honey bees. She keeps several hives in the back yard, and several more at a farm a few miles down the valley, which provide honey for soap.

Bethany is the grounding force of BelleNaturals. This mama of two is determined to keep her family free of unnecessary additives. After reading too many simple living and make it yourself blogs, she’s ready to conquer the world of mass production and create something simpler and more useful to share with everyone.

Together they began to craft soap in Heather’s kitchen for their families. They quickly became addicted to the new art and ended up with more soap than they could use in a lifetime. That’s when they knew it was time to share this new love with the world, and that is when BelleNaturals was born.

BelleNaturals hails from Bellefonte, or Beautiful Fountain, in PA. Our quaint little town is nestled at the base of the Appalachian Mountains and still gets all of its drinking water from several large, natural springs. We are delighted to offer many products made with this water in place of bottled, distilled water as many soap makers must. Fresh spring water, in addition to our commitment to exclusively using all natural ingredients, is what sets us apart. We so enjoy crafting and hand pouring new creations and hope you'll enjoy cleaning and nourishing your skin with the fruit of our labor.

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